Brian Cavanaugh


Brian is passionate about harnessing technology to make complex workflow processes more effective and efficient and, over his career, he has been both a provider and consumer of private market enterprise valuation services.

His expertise in private market enterprise valuation has been honed by his advisory work at Cavanaugh Partners, his role as the CFO of an investment management firm with over $1 billion of investments in smaller-size, privately-held companies, and his work as an advisor on very large corporate bankruptcies.

Brian founded and has led, Cavanaugh Partners since late 2014. Cavanaugh Partners has focused exclusively on advising large Specialty-Emergency veterinary practice owners as they navigate the rapid consolidation of the industry-financed by private equity and debt capital. His clients have consistently concluded successful transactions, each of which has set the new “high water mark” for valuation in the industry, resulting in over $350 million of total value secured for his clients. His extensive and continuing experience advising on private market transactions in the veterinary services industry affords Brian unique insight into the most current transaction valuation data.

In addition to serving as the Chief Financial Officer of numerous companies, Brian has advised clients regarding companies of all sizes, from startups to multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies.

Brian spent the first 14 formative years of his career in capital markets roles at JP Morgan and BT Alex Brown, as a fixed income securities trader, a capital markets specialist, and an investment banker, serving large corporate and governmental clients.

Brian received his BA from the College of Wooster, where his academic focus was on Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He received his MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, where his academic focus was on Finance and Accounting. While earning his MBA, Brian also served as a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Department of the Cornell University College of Engineering.