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VetValue Connect Practice Brokerage

Better Outcomes and Better Futures for Selling DVM Veterinary Practice Owners

The Connect Advantage

Introducing VetValue Connect! Flexible and cost-efficient brokerage solutions to veterinary practice owners who wish to complete a practice sale to a corporate partner.

Greater Buyer Insight and Reach

We connect you to 40+ corporate buyers of independent veterinary practices, most of which we have prior experience in practice sale processes.


We organize and manage a customized competitive selling process for your unique practice. The managed competition we carefully create leads to more informed choices and higher valuations for sellers.


We offer both Full-Service Brokerage and Discount Brokerage services, so you can choose what’s best for your needs. Full-Service Brokerage offers services comparable to those of other high-quality veterinary practice brokers in the market, at a very competitive cost. Discount Brokerage offers the same services, but on a highly automated basis, at a cost that is a fraction of what most veterinary practice brokers charge.


We’ve been through this process many times over many years. We know what information to provide, and how to solicit attractive offers from the corporate partner candidates you select. Our expertise helps everything go smoothly, which “de-risks” the process for you and potential corporate partners, yielding better results.

Domain Expertise

We are experts in veterinary practice sales, having secured over $1 billion of value for selling practice owners. We exclusively serve independent veterinary practice owners

Lowest Fees

VetValue Connect fees are the most competitive in the industry.

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