About Us

Mission Statement

  • Empowering veterinary practice owners throughout their ownership journey

Core Values

  • Put our client’s interests first, always
  • Behave honestly, transparently and in good faith
  • Strive always for excellence
  • Treat others with respect
  • Lead by example
  • Positively impact others

Meet The Team

Brian Cavanaugh


Carson Taylor





Our Expertise

Where does our expertise come from? We have spent more than a decade getting to know our clients, some of the best-operated independent general and specialty-emergency veterinary practices in the country.

In the course of our work, we have performed extensive analysis of what enabled these practice owners to outperform the industry. We learned that there is a virtuous cycle between sustainable qualitative success and sustainable quantitative success.

We were fortunate to learn from the best. We’ve taken that knowledge and our resources to build an online platform that can provide high-quality business resources and advice to many more veterinary practice owners. We are proud to share what we’ve built with you.


The VetValue Team

This team is excellent -- they are great advisors, worked tirelessly, enabling me to focus on what I'm trained for, and delivered truly outstanding results.

Tim Stiff, DVMCo-Owner, Animal Emergency Clinic, Yorktown, VA